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World: Highest Significant Wave Height as measured by a Buoy

Record Value 18.275 m (59.96 ft)
Date of Record 2054 UTC 8/12//2007
Length of Record
Instrumentation Datawell heave sensor
Geospatial Location Buoy K3 (a part of the UK Met Office’s network of Marine Automatic Weather Stations, or MAWS)[52°31'N, 18°28'W, elevation: 0m)]



Instrumentation: Datawell heave sensor. Significant wave height recorded is four times the RMS value of the water level above the average level of the water surface over a 17½ minute period. The factor of 4 applied to the RMS value is because the waves are trochoidal in nature. (Waves at sea, especially those growing under the influence of the wind, tend to be short-crested, i.e. the wave crests project further above the mean level than the troughs are below it.) The ‘average’ wave period, again over a 17½ minute sample, is the average of the periods over 7 successive 2½ minute samples (each determined from the number of wave cycles in the sample).

Record was evaluated by the committee of T. Peterson, P. Bessemoulin, A. Hines, V. Swail, J-M. Lefevre and R. Cerveny.

Satellite image of Region of Buoy Observation

Satellite Image of Region of Buoy