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WMO Region 6 (Europe, Continent only): Highest Temperature

Record Value 48.0°C (118.4°F)
Date of Record 10/7/1977
Length of Record 1956-present 
Instrumentation Maximum/Minimum Thermometer
Geospatial Location Athens, Greece[36°06'N, 23°47'W, elevation: 236m (774ft)]


Athanasios D. Sarantopoulos, Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Division of Climatology & Applications, Department of Control and Processing of Climatological Data


Information supplied by Dr. Athanasios D. Sarantopoulos indicates that two cities (Athens and Elefsina) reached temperatures of 48.0°C on 10 July 1977. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that a set of Spanish stations may have hit 48.0°C during the 2003 heat wave.

WMO Region 6

WMO Region 6 (Europe)

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