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WMO Region 6 (Europe): Lowest Temperature

Record Value -66.1°C (-87°F)
Date of Record 9/1/1954
Length of Record 11/1952-6/1954
Instrumentation Presumably Maximum/Minimum Thermometer in Standard Stevenson Screen
Geospatial Location Northice, Greenland [78°04'N, 38°29'W, elevation: 2341m (7680ft)]


Krause and Flood, 1997: Weather and Climate Extremes, US Army Corps of Engineers Topographic Engineering Centerpp. 89; Quiroz, 1958: Lowest temperature in Greenland, Monthly Weather Review, 86(3), pp. 99, Hamilton and Rollitt, 1957: British North Greenland expedition 1952-54: climatological tables for the site of the expedition's base at Britannia So (lake) and the station on the inland-ice Northice, Medd Gronland, 158, pp. 1-83;


Northice was a research station established by the British North Greenland Expedition (Hamilton and Rollitt, 1957). Although the period-of-record is less than 2 years, temperatures below -59.4°C were recorded 16 times during that period (Quiroz, 1958).

WMO Region 6

WMO Region 6 (Europe)

Northice, Greenland

Closeup Satellite Image of Northice, Greenland

Northice, Greenland

Regional Satellite Image of Northice, Greenland