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World: Greatest Ninety-Six-Hour (4 day) Rainfall

Record Value 4.936m (194.33")
Date of Record 24-27 / 2 [February] / 2007
Formal WMO Review Yes (2010)
Length of Record 1968-present
Instrumentation Précis-Mécanique Tipping bucket Raingauge, type 3020, (20 g plastic buckets) with an aperture of 400 cm²
Geospatial Location Cratère Commerson, La Réunion [21°12'S, 55°39'E, elevation: 2310m (7579ft)]


WMO CCl rapporteur for climate extremes decision, October 2007 based on report by Hubert Quetelard and Pierre Bessemoulin. Evaluation Committee: Hubert Quetelard (METEO-France, La Réunion), Pierre Bessemoulin (METEO-France, France), Thomas C. Peterson (NCDC, United States), Andrew Burton (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia), Y. Boodhoo (Mauritius Meteorological Services, Mauritius), and Randall S. Cerveny (Arizona State University, United States)


Event occurred with passage of Tropical Cyclone Gamede in South Indian Ocean. Reunion Island is located approximately 670 kilometers east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Extreme orography (mountains to 3071meters and steep valleys) amplify orographic uplift.

An article was produced discussing this event in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. A *.pdf of that article is available:

Record Report

Cratère Commerson, La Reuinion

Closeup Satellite Image of Cratère Commerson, La Reunion, South Indian Ocean

Cratère Commerson, La Reunion

Regional Satellite Image of Cratère Commerson, La Reunion, South Indian Ocean