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World: Heaviest Hailstone

Record Value 1.02kg (2.25lb)
Date of Record 14 / 4 [April] / 1986
Formal WMO Review No
Length of Record  
Geospatial Location Gopalganj district, Bangladesh [23°00'N, 89°56'E, elevation: 4m (13.1ft)]


Krause, P.F. and Flood, K.L., 1997: Weather and Climate Extremes, TEC-0099 (September, 1997), US Army Corps of Engineers Topographic Engineering Center, 7701 Telegraph Road, Alexandra VA 22315-3864, pp. 89, p. 41; Simons, P., 1996: Weird Weather, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, pp. 307, p 150; Smith, Anthony, 2000: The Weather (the Truth about the Health of our Planet), Hutchinson, London, pp. 285, p. 102


Hailstone weighed 2.25 pounds (1.02 kg). The hailstorm killed 92 at Gopalganj.

Gopalganj district, Bangladesh

Closeup Satellite Image of Gopalganj District, Bangladesh

Gopalganj district, Bangladesh

Regional Satellite Image of Gopalganj District, Banladesh