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World: Highest Significant Wave Height as measured by Ship Observation

Record Value 18.5 m (60.7 ft)
Date of Record 2214 UTC 8/2/2000
Length of Record
Instrumentation Shipborne Wave Recorder MkIV (SBWR)
Geospatial Location British oceanographic research vessel RRS Discovery[57°30'N, 12°42'W, elevation: 0 m)]


Holliday, N.P., Yelland, M.J., Pascal, R., Swail, V.R., Taylor, P.K., Griffiths, C.R. and Kent, E. (2006) Were extreme waves in the Rockall trough the largest ever recorded? Geophysical Research Letters, 33, L05613


Instrumentation: Shipborne Wave Recorder MkIV (SBWR), Instrument calibrated in September 2000 and found to be accurate with ±1%. Highest Individual height is 29.05 m (95.03 ft). Record was evaluated by the committee of T. Peterson, P. Bessemoulin, A. Hines, V. Swail, J-M. Lefevre and R. Cerveny.

Satellite image of Region of Ship Observation

Satellite Image of Region of Ship